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The booking link is live for our September event.
Location: Shirley Arms Hotel
Date: 11th September
Times: 6pm -8.30pm
Theme: Creating a Vision for Your Brand for 2025 and Beyond
Speaker: Jane Manzor – CEO Manzor Marketing
Link to book: Click Here

Session Outline:

Welcome to “Creating a Vision for Your Brand for 2025 and Beyond,” a dynamic one-hour workshop designed to equip you with the tools to craft a clear and compelling vision for your brand’s future.

A well-defined vision and mission are critical success factors for any business, guiding strategic decisions and inspiring stakeholders.

During this workshop, we will explore the what, why, and how of developing a best-in-class vision, providing you with actionable insights and practical tips to not only define your vision but also bring it to life.

Whether you’re a seasoned business owner or an aspiring entrepreneur, this event is an essential step towards ensuring your brand’s success in the years to come. Don’t miss this opportunity to set your brand on a path to a thriving future.

Speaker Bio:

Jane Manzor is the CEO of Manzor Marketing. An award-winning marketer she brings over 20 years expertise to the table. Rooted in two family businesses, Jane has been immersed in the business world from a young age.

Her career includes senior management roles at companies such as Kepak, Unilever, and Jacob Fruitfield. In 2016, Jane founded Manzor Marketing to empower SMEs by uncovering their unique 10% Difference and maximising their marketing potential.

Known for her commercial focus and results-driven approach, Jane consistently delivers impactful outcomes for her clients. She is also a seasoned trainer and mentor, collaborating with several government bodies, including Enterprise Ireland, IntertradeIreland, Skillnet and multiple local enterprise offices. Through her extensive work with Enterprise Ireland, Jane has guided clients from pre-startup stages to significant growth phases and frequently contributes to investor panels.

Her clients include a broad range of companies from sectors including tourism, food and drink, design and crafts and SMEs. An innovative, creative, and passionate marketeer Jane is all about results, the bottom line and delivering growth for her clients.

Jane is particularly passionate about Women in Business and is member of Network Kildare, where she won solo businesswoman of the year in 2020. She has recently joined the board of The Irish Franchise Association and is the lead in the Women in Business group on their behalf.

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