Who We Are


Network Co-ordinators


“You didn’t come this far, to only come this far”

She specialises in supporting ambitious women to develop and communicate compelling personal brands and navigate the business environment.

Dawn understands that women often flourish in a space where they can safely explore issues unique to them and build skills in areas where they may feel uncomfortable and at a disadvantage.


“My Passion is Networking”

Jean Evans is an award-winning expert on all things networking. It is her passion, and one that is borne out of experience and plenty of trial and error, mistakes and mishaps.

She firmly believes that if all business owners and ambitious professionals learn to network successfully that they will grow in confidence, both personally and professionally. And with growing confidence, businesses will excel, flourish and it will have a rising tide effect.

Most things in business can be outsourced. The one thing that can’t be outsourced is learning how to connect with other people and how to build strategic, effective and solid relationships.

Local Enterprise Office Monaghan

The Monaghan Women in Business Network is a Local Enterprise Office initiative and Local Enterprise Office Monaghan supports and highly subsidises all Monaghan Women in Business activities.


“Every Woman’s success should be an inspiration to another“

Pamela is very passionate about the women in business network and believes there are many benefits for the members who join the network, they make new connections, get support and guidance from other women in the same boat as them and above all it is safe place for them and there is always a listening ear available.


“Lets make it happen”

Caroline is a member of the Local Enterprise Office Monaghan team. Her career with Monaghan County Council began in 2000 and she has been involved with the Monaghan Women in Business Network since September 2017.

Caroline has planned, organised and attended network events and continues to support Monaghan Women in Business into the future.

Our Mission

Networking is about building community, building business, building contacts – but first and foremost it’s about building confidence. Without personal development, growth in skills, such as communication, speaking and connecting, business owners cannot network effectively.

Dawn and Jean are committed to creating appropriate opportunities for members to share knowledge, build relationships and promote their businesses.